Temporary exhibition


« Turn over a new leaf!  Legumes from seed to plant. »: find out about their many nutritional and environmental properties.



Legumes have been eaten for thousands years and are thought to be the first cultivated plants together with cereals. Used in many traditional recipes around the world, they have a big role to play in our diet today, thanks to their nutritional and environmental properties.

In the vegetable garden, more than a hundred different varieties have been planted this year. You’ll be discovering them with the passing seasons. At springtime, broad beans and peas will come to light, some of them being part of ancient varieties that are pretty uncommon in our gardens. Beans will be next and will show many different colors, shapes and tastes. At the end of the season, chick peas, lentils, and for example soya will bring autumnal colors to the garden but still with a Mediterranean touch.

All year long, many different events will punctuate this new exhibition :
-30th April and 1st May : The Spring Festival, a big and festive weekend when broad beans and peas will be high lightened
-4th and 5th June : « Rendez-vous aux jardins », a weekend dedicated to gardens (guided tours of the permanent and temporary exhibitions and of the gardens)
-25th and 26th September : The Autumn Festival, another big and festive weekend when beans, chick peas and lentils will be underlined
- From the 15th to the 21st of October for the “Semaine du goût” (“The Taste week”, a national event) : a program of culinary workshops dedicated to legumes

This exhibition was set up thanks to the Fondation Louis Bonduelle