The gardens and the hive

Take a tour to the orchard and the vegetable garden where you’ll discover the diversity of plants and how the bees colony works thanks to the transparent hive.



A full scale discovery

After the exhibition, you can visit the Epicurium vegetable garden and orchard. This original trail highlights the diversity of fruits and vegetable species. It features a hundred fruit trees and shrubs (old and new varieties); vines; themed plots with vegetables from Provence and beyond; and shaded rest areas, to create an unrivalled attraction in the heart of Provence.
The trail continues in the Epicurium greenhouse, which presents tomatoes species and hosts temporary exhibitions (only in French). 
To end up the visit, you can ask to go into our transparent hive with a guide and see how a bee colony works: a unique occasion to observe the queen and worker bees in action. However, our transparent hive is only available during spring and summer, as the bees are sensitive to cold temperatures. Feel free to ask our receptionist for more information.

The hive was set up in collaboration with the INRA Bees and Environment Unit.