“Les rencontres d’Epicurium” are a series of conferences (in French) on the themes of plants, nutrition, environment…


Epicurium takes part to the social issues related to plants, fruits and vegetable. The raised questions can be linked to health, nutrition, environment, and the origins of products or even the food-processing industry. The series of conferences started in 2012 and goes on this year as well. These “Rencontres” are free of charge (but on reservation) and can be followed by a light meal in the orchard, weather permitting.


Pollinating insects from our gardens: how to identify and protect them
with Mr. Joseph Jacquin-Porretaz, head of the Naturoptère
Thursday 21st April, 6:00 pm

Cereals, legumes and oleaginous fruits: for what nutritional benefits?
with Mr. Thomas Erpicum, Ph.D in Biochemistry
Thursday 19th May, 6:00 pm

“Bien dans son assiette” (Eat well to think well)
with Doctor Mauvezin
Thursday 23rd May, 6:00 pm
Seasonal buffet offered by the Fondation Pileje at the end of the conference

Mushrooms of Provence: poisonous, edible, how to avoid mixing-up
with Mr. Daniel Puravet, President of the Mycological society of Vaucluse
Thursday 17th November, 6:00 pm